Image of Over The Wall


Image of Over The Wall
OVER THE WALL (4) by Dorien Kelly: Stacy Evans' enthusiasm and preparedness win her the position of the Cargill-Grosso pit crew's strength and conditioning coach. Stacy is thrilled with the opportunity not only to prove herself as a fitness coach but also to mend fences with her half-brother, NASCAR sports agent Kane Ledger. Meanwhile, Nathan is still a person of interest in his father's murder six months earlier and can't wait to return to his Boston business and life. But when Stacy's smile eases the tension around his heart, he can't help pursuing her. Stacy craves Nathan's touch but worries that if she gives in to their attraction, she'll end up like her disreputable mother. Complex characters facing multiple challenges make this novel a page-turner.
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan