Image of Overbite (Insatiable)


Image of Overbite (Insatiable)

Overbite is a satisfying sequel to Insatiable. It is a less intense read than the previous book, filled with the lighthearted, humorous narrative Cabot is known for. Cabot never fails to bring in a lovable cast of characters, like quirky do-gooder Meena. Her brother Jon provides much of the comic relief, while Alaric continues to prove himself worthy of the leading lady.

Meena Harper’s new job with the Palatine Guard is to rid the world of demons. When she is attacked by ex-boyfriend turned vampire David, Lucien comes to her rescue, but soon embarks on a path of darkness. Meantime, tourists all over Manhattan go missing. Meena refuses to think that Lucien is behind this, much to the chagrin of fellow Palatine member Alaric Wulf. When a conspiracy from within the Palatine threatens them all, Meena must keep her wits about her, and her feelings under control. (MORROW, Jul., 320 pp., $22.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cristina Merrill