Elizabeth Perronet, plucked from the convent by her wily uncle to wed Lord Kirkheathe, has mixed feelings. Lord Kirkheathes intended, Genevieve, eloped with a Welsh lord, nearly derailing an important family alliance. Elizabeth is relieved to escape the cloistered life, but can she find love and happiness with a man shes never met?

Raymond DEstienne, Lord Kirkheathe, needs money for the upkeep of Donhallow Castle and a bride to beget an heir. Never having met Genevieve, one arranged bride is as good as another to him. But, evil lurks in the castle. He and Elizabeth must learn to trust each other to survive. Will Raymond love and protect his new wife?

Laced with intrigue and passion, THE OVERLORDS BRIDE is a fast read you will not want to put down. This is the twelfth book in Ms. Moores Warrior series. Ms. Moore is a master of the medieval time period. But she leaves readers wishing for more historical details to give them a fuller feeling of time and place. SENSUAL (May, 292 pp., $4.50).

Reviewed by: 
Gabrielle Pantera