Investment banker Rachel Benjamin and her friends are in Emma's wedding party, but no one is happy about it. Emma's fiancé, Richard, is a total slimeball. Years ago, the women made a pact to save each other from bad relationships, but no one has been able to rescue Emma yet.

When Rachel finds Richard floating in the swimming pool the morning of the wedding, she thinks Emma is "saved." But the detectives say it wasn't an accident and that someone on the grounds did Richard in.

But who? Everyone disliked him or had reason to want him out of the picture, including Emma's parents and even Richard's dreamy best man, Peter. And just when Rachel thinks she knows who the killer is, it turns out she's wrong.

This mystery is a fresh and terrific new addition to the chick lit genre. Most of the traditional chick lit ele-ments are here—the heroine's love life, career and friendships—but the whodunit is an excellent and welcome twist. Debut novelist Sturman delivers great characters, a dash of humor and a mystery that keeps you interested—and guessing. (Dec., 320 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Samantha J. Gust