Set in the perfumed harems of the 15th century Ottoman Empire, this sweeping, highly sensual battle of wills romance pits the spoiled Alessandra against the virile English captive Lucien De Gautier.

Knowing that her death is near and that her daughters life will be in danger, Alessandras mother buys Lucien at a slave market, blackmailing him into promising to escape the harem and bring Alessandra to her natural father in England.

Lucien recognizes Alessandras surname as that of his familys bitter rival and though he abhors the role he is to play in Alessandras life (first as her servant and then as her kidnapper) his desire for freedom is strong.

But fulfilling his task in more challenging then it seems. Willful Alessandra tests his patience and later his authority. Their sizzling verbal clashes and heated physical exchanges are highly charged.

Once in England Alessandra faces a strange new land, a new family and is plunged into adventures, dangers and a passion she and Lucien never imagined.

For the third time Tamara Leigh combines a hot headed pair of lovers with smoldering sexual tension, an enthralling backdrop then adds a dash of adventure, allowing readers to reap the rewards of a well crafted romance that is highly reminiscent of Miriam Mingers Captive Rose and Johanna Lindseys Silver Angel. VERY SENSUAL (Mar., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin