Image of The Pagan Stone (Sign of Seven, Book 3)


Image of The Pagan Stone (Sign of Seven, Book 3)

The final reckoning approaches in the Sign of Seven trilogy as Roberts' group of six protagonists confront the true face of evil. Although the odds are against them, this band of friends and lovers has strengthened and grown over the course of this series. While different books have focused on different sets of couples, all the characters have developed and come into clearer focus. Terror, blood, fire and death ensure that this story ends with a world-class bang!

As the ominous July date grows closer, Gage, Fox, Caleb, Quinn, Layla and Cybil increase their research on how to permanently stop the demon Twisse from tormenting Hawkins Hollow. The clues they need may be in their dreams and evidence.

Although the others have paired off and found love, Gage and Cybil won't easily let go of their independent and self-sufficient lifestyles. Joining their precognitive powers is necessary, yet disturbingly intimate, as Twisse escalates his brutal psychological and physical attacks. Can they find a way to protect the town and still battle this evil menace one on one? (JOVE, Dec., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith