Gulledge’s graphic novel is written for a 12+ audience that the author never writes down to. Instead, the themes Gulledge tackles in the flowing text and the revealing illustrations are complex and mature. So while many teens will definitely relate to Paige's feelings of isolation, older readers will also find something to love about this imaginative tale.

Teenager Paige Turner is new to New York City and feeling very lost. She has not made any friends except for fictional characters in art. Paige decides that she wants to express her inner thoughts, so she buys a sketchbook and plans to draw everyday in hopes of finding a place for herself in the lonely city she now calls home. (AMULET BOOKS, May 2011, 192 pp., Graphic Novel, $9.95, ISBN: 978810997226) *Web Exclusive Review*
Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne