Image of Paging Dr. Daddy (Silhouette Special Edition)


Image of Paging Dr. Daddy (Silhouette Special Edition)
A car accident has left the face of gift shop manager Courtney Albright's young daughter Janie badly damaged, but renowned plastic surgeon Dr. David Wilder offers his services without charge. It's the answer to a single mother's prayer, but having David around after the surgery complicates Courtney's life. Seeing him with Janie stirs feelings she never expected to have again -- especially knowing that as soon as Janie's better, he'll be gone. Teresa Southwick continues the Wilder Family series with Paging Dr. Daddy (4). It features excellent characters, in particular, super-sexy hero David and Janie, who's far more than a plot device, thankfully.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer