Arthur Lancaster, Earl of St. Merryn, needs a woman to pose as his fiancée to keep the ton's marriage-minded mamas at bay while he unmasks a killer. He finds the perfect candidate in Elenora Lodge. She is spunky, intelligent and sensual (though she hides all this behind spectacles).

As Arthur continues his investigation he realizes he is attracted to Elenora, who proves to be the ideal partner in his detective work and his bed. The intrepid pair uncovers a villainous mad scientist who believes he is the second coming of Isaac Newton.

A delightful, fun, sexy romp through London, Quick's novel brims over with her usual intelligent, sensual characters, unexpected plot twists and just enough mystery and fascinating Regency history to spice up the romance. A superb evening's read. SENSUAL (May, 415 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin