Matthew Stone leaves his adopted Comanche family and Quanah Parker because he can no longer tolerate being part of the war between the Comanche and the Whites. He trains horses to sell to the army.

When Grace Elizabeth Livingston literally wanders into his life and presents him with her proposal, he is shocked and intrigued.

Known as "Amazing Grace," she is a wealthy, successful Boston business woman who needs Matts help in finding her sister who has been captured by Indians. Matt offers to help if Grace can pass a test of courage. Grace learns how to survive in the wilderness.

Together they set out, each with an agenda. What they find is a deep respect and passion. They find love, too, but are afraid to take the chance.

When they find Quanahs village, Grace must fight for Matt, and she finds out how much she cares for him. She begins to understand the Comanche way of life. Graces strength and persistence makes Matt realize that Grace loves him for himself—both White and Comanche.

Ms. Kincaid has written a tender romance filled with action, emotions that run the gamut and a cast of remarkable characters. She portrays the plight of the Native American, everlasting love and history with a deft hand. SENSUAL (Nov., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner