Image of Palace of Darkness: A Novel of Petra


Image of Palace of Darkness: A Novel of Petra

Higley amazes us with another of her action-packed feats of storytelling. Her ability to challenge our thinking is worth so much more because of the way her characters transform before our eyes. The believers of the way will impact your life as they seek asylum and grow stronger together to face the threats of the political climate in 106 A.D. A must-read for avid Bible students.

A destitute young mother who became a concubine to a royal prince raises their young son until his father swindles the wrong traders in the market and is murdered. Cassia must take her son to Petra. Unsuspecting Cassia goes to the royal palace to make the new heir known to the king of Petra. Instead, they hold her son as a captive. Evil lurks in the royal palace, and another murder is being planned to make a way for the queen to rule. Cassia must go into hiding with the believers of the way until she figures out a plan to rescue her son from the queen’s cruelty. She becomes a laborer and befriends many of the believers, and soon she questions the beliefs she once held. A local sculptor is finding his own challenges as the one true God begins to use him in the lives of the people of Petra. Will the sculptor find a way to save her son’s life? How will the believers help Cassia to trust and seek a new way? (THOMAS NELSON, Sep., 352 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lindy J. Swanson