Renée dAnton must lure the notorious highwayman known as Captain Starlight out into the open if she is to save her brothers life. But she has no love for the Englishman, Roth, and his scheme to capture Starlight. So when the dashing brigand halts her coach, Renée tells him of her perfidy.

Tyrone Hart sees each night as a challenge, and a woman as beautiful as Renée is the ultimate temptation. Can he trust the little temptress and help her steal a fortune in jewelsa priceless set of heirloom rubies that will save Renée from marrying a man she does not desire?

Together they will dive into danger, playing a perilous game of double-cross in an attempt to reclaim the jewels and ruin Roth. But will their gambit destroy all they hold dear, including the passion that has grown into love?

Marsha Canham delivers an exhilarating adventure that sweeps you off to another time and glorious place where bold highwaymen and daring women collide. PALE MOON RIDER is just another example of Ms. Canhams incredible talent and the perfect escapist read of the season. SENSUAL (Jan., 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin