Image of The Panic Zone (Jack Gannon)


Image of The Panic Zone (Jack Gannon)

Mofina’s on top of his game, pulling together a wickedly complicated plot with great skill and assurance. Genuinely chilling.

Jack Gannon is investigating a café bombing in Rio that claimed several lives, including a WPA reporter and photographer. Were they collateral damage or the bomber’s targets? Gannon‘s search for the truth takes him eventually to Emma Lane, whose husband and son recently died in a car crash — or did they? Emma is certain she saw someone save her baby, but no one believes her. Except Gannon, who knows of other missing children. There’s also a possible connection to a rogue scientist whose continued work on a concept more deadly than simple biological warfare has high levels of the government very concerned indeed. (MIRA, Jul., 432 pp., $9.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer