Image of The Paper Bag Christmas


Image of The Paper Bag Christmas

Milne's debut novel is the epitome of the true meaning of Christmas. It's an inspiring tale filled with heartfelt characters that will move readers to view Christmas in a whole new light.

Mo and Alan gave up believing in Santa Claus long ago, yet they agree to assist Dr. Ringle by playing elves at a hospital for children with cancer. There, they meet Madhu, a young boy awaiting a liver transplant. He doesn't celebrate Christmas and is curious about a holiday that celebrates Jesus but is represented by Santa Claus. Then there's Katrina, who's ashamed of her looks after treatment for a brain tumor. In helping "Santa," Mo and Alan discover the true meaning of Christmas. Can they pass the holiday spirit on to others? (CENTER STREET, Dec., 160 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee