Four years ago, Captain Matthew Powers sold his ship in a foolish attempt to win a womans love. Now having the means to buy back The Black Swan, he is foiled once again when his chief-mate is slain. Matt is then entrusted with the care of his mates newborn daughter, Annie.

His only recourse is to write to his eccentric, imaginative Aunt Bess and beg her assistance. When Bess arrives with her companion, Rose, there is no sign of his proxy wife and Matt begins to wonder if the mysterious woman is nothing but another of Besss fictitious tales.

Having second thoughts about Besss matchmaking scheme, Rose wishes to back out of the arrangement. Soon though, Rose unexpectedly finds her heart smitten by Annies sweet innocence and Matts gentle ways. Always considered too tall and plain, Rose blossoms on the island.

Despite the fact that he is married, Matt becomes more and more enraptured by Rose. He must discover the whereabouts of his wife and annul the marriage before he can make his feelings known to Rose. When Matt finally discovers the truth, will it be too late for Rose to win his love and trust?

Bronwyn Williams pens a heart-warming tale wherein two lost souls find love and happiness through the shared love of a babe. Creating multi-dimensional characters in a warm-hearted story, Ms. Williams draws you into the heart of her tale, invoking the desolate beauty of the windswept shores of the outer banks with vivid imagery and detail. SENSUAL (Aug., 299 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor