Daniel Mulloney and Georgina Hanover meet on a train traveling to Cutlerville, Ohio. Daniel finds himself beguiled by this hoydenish young woman who informs him she is to be married.

A journalist by trade, and therefore adept at digging up information, Daniel is going to observe the family he has never known. A cautious man, he tells Georgina his name is Pecos Martin, and is surprised to discover that Georgina's intended is his brother, Peter.

Georgina is not so sure about marriage; she feels there must be something more for a woman to do in this world run by men. With Daniel's help she embarks on a crusade to aid the plight of the workers of the Mulloney Department Store and the Hanover factory. She charges ahead despite the consequences.

Soon Peter is holding a rifle, forcing Daniel and Georgina to wed. And Daniel has explaining to do when it's discovered that he is a Mulloney. Ultimately, he must choose between his heart's desire and what is best for Georgina.

PAPER TIGER, the second in the Paper trilogy, is full of mayhem and merriment complete with a rousing Fourth of July parade, a madcap heroine, and a hero with laughter in his eyes and love in his heart. Pecos Martin rides again! SENSUAL (Oct., 369 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond