Newly divorced, Leigh Bowman is determined to make a clean break with the past. Hired by the small town of Mirasol, CA, as the new city planner, Leigh is excited at the challenge of revitalizing this small town and bringing its residents prosperity.

Not all residents of Mirasol are supportive of the proposed redevelopment. Professor-turned-antiques dealer Jonathan Reid is intrigued by the new visitor, until he learns her purpose. Leigh is hurt by Jonathan's sudden rebuff, as the attraction between them seemed destined to flower.

Ranch owner Eli Keene has no such aversion to the project; as the largest area landowner, he stands to benefit from redevelopment greatly. Eli and Jonathan have been at logger heads for years ever since Eli married and divorced Denise, the woman they both were courting.

Just when Leigh and Jonathan give into their growing passion, Jonathan's home and business are burned to the ground, killing handyman Ron Tate. Enraged and grief-stricken, Jonathan publicly accuses Leigh and Eli of arson.

Devastated, Leigh retreats from Jonathan and turns to Eli for comfort. Violence once again explodes when Leigh is run off the road by someone driving one of Eli's trucks. Leigh's accident finally snaps Jonathan to his senses. What good are his home and business if Leigh is not there to share them?

Versatile and talented author Phoebe Conn opens up endless new writing horizons with her terrific mainstream contemporary novel. Highly entertaining and emotionally complex, fans will be sure to devour her latest offering. (Sept., 304pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M Smith