While thrice-married Russell Evans of Evans and Sons International is extremely fond of his stepdaughter Trish Taylor and his stepson from an earlier marriage, he thinks their upcoming marriage will be a disaster. Determined to prevent it, Russell decides to send Trish on a wild business venture to the family island of Paradise Bay.

For years, Russell has toyed with the idea of creating a luxury hotel on the island. Since it is located on the 180th parallel, it would be one of the first places in the world to celebrate the year 2000. To meet the millennium deadline, this venture would have to be a crash project.

Aware of her stepfathers opinion of her engagement, Trish suspects that her new project is a wild goose chase, and she is even more convinced when she meets the island residents. While Jack Kendall may be a brilliant computer programmer, his extraordinarily long hair and beard make him look like a wild man. Mo Wellington and his sister Maude are also not exactly who Trish expected. But the magical beauty of the island makes Trish determined to pull off the wild scheme.

There are immediate sparks between Trish and Jack, which was Russells plan, of course. But Trish is unaware Jack is R.J. Evan IV, Russells formerly estranged son. When she finds out, therell be hell to pay.

Readers looking for a lighthearted, sexy and fun-filled read will find that Ms. Alexanders PARADISE BAY is it. Dont miss it. (Nov., 388 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith