Like LaVyrle Spencer, Langan spins
an American romance brimming with deep emotions, the aura of small-town America and characters so real we know them like our friends and neighbors. This is a beautiful story that illuminates one woman's journey into her own heart and unleashes strong feelings in the reader.

In Michigan in 1890, Fiona Downey is left destitute after her father's sudden death. She relinquishes her dream of attending college and accepts a position teaching in the rural Michigan farming community of Paradise Falls.

Boarding with the Haydn family, she is quickly pulled into their intimate problems and becomes a pawn in the troubling dynamic between the two brothers, Grayson and Fleming. Though she is drawn to the older, brooding Gray, it is the younger, roguish Fleming who pursues her.

Fiona confronts the question of what she really wants from life and if she can sacrifice her longtime dreams for love.

(Mar., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin