Get ready to savor a witty, sexy, adventure-filled romp from the captivating imagination of Suzanne Simmons. THE PARADISE MAN is a tropical treat!

Antiques expert Jane Bennett is a woman on a mission. Twenty years ago her globe-trotting father, Charlie, disappeared from the Caribbean island of Paradise. Charlie presumably died while searching for treasure on the shipwrecked Spanish galleon Bella Donna. Retracing her father's footsteps, Jane is now determined to find answers.

Former businessman Jake Hollister has transformed in the last year, from successful CEO to bar owner/beach bum on Paradise. In his spare time Jake also searches for the legendary Spanish wreck. From the moment he sees her, Jake finds himself highly intrigued by Jane. Paradise is not your ordinary tourist mecca, so what brings a woman of obvious wealth and class out this far?

For her part, Jane is disconcerted to find herself attracted to a man so different from her usual male ideal.. What is it about Jake that sets her blood pounding? The realization that they are both searching for the Bella Donna gives them a reason to join forces. Neither is obsessed with the potential riches to be found: Jake seeks a challenge, while Jane wants answers about her father's disappearance. Yet for others, the money means everything, the sharks in the sea not being the only ones circling the island.

(Aug., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith