Morgan Brown owns and manages a sexual getaway called Paradise Resort. Freelance writer Tony Marino is granted an interview with the enigmatic woman. Though he's attracted to Morgan, Tony promised himself that he was no longer going to get involved with the subjects of his interviews.

This vow is challenged when Paradise Resort is overbooked and he must stay with Morgan. Soon he learns how Morgan suffered at the hands of her ex-husband and he surprises them both by helping her overcome her fears of an intimate relationship.

A very erotic contemporary tale that includes some mild BDSM, Paradise Revival gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "sexual healing." The second in Burton's Passion in Paradise series, it has a hot hero, but a not-so-great heroine. While Tony is compassionate, some of Morgan's actions belie her claim of wanting to keep her past a secret. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley