In "Fly with a Dragon" by Rosemary Laurey, Myfanwy bravely faces her fate as sacrifice to the Dragon of Cader Bala. The Dragon is not what she expects and the sacrifice he asks of her is not her life, but her heart. What she soon learns from this "monster" will change her world.

Haaken has failed to find The One who can break a generations-old curse, so he is doomed to spend his daylight hours as a raven in "Heart of the Raven" by J.C. Wilder. When Dani is used for payment of a gambling debt to Haaken, she is not surprised. Haaken is, when he discovers she may be the key to his salvation.

With strong, intelligent heroines and heroes who need them—and learn to love them—these two stories are a trip fantasy lovers will not want to miss. (dl $5.00, dk. $6.00)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley