In "Adriana" by Laurey, the title character has consecrated herself to the goddess of revenge, after the Astrians destroyed her village and slaughtered her family. Trained by wood witches, she lures Astrians into the woods and leaves them lost and wandering.

Mark of Windhaw ends up Adriana's prey. But in Mark, Adriana finds an honorable man and sends him on his way. She unwittingly sends him into an ambush and must overcome her desire for revenge to save him—and herself.

In "Nova," a sequel to Wilder's Heart of the Raven, Nova wins an unexpected prize in her last gamble: Kelwyn, a slave/servant born to live in the sea. Kelwyn helps her restore her home, and together they find a treasure of the heart.

From forest to sea, these fantastic fantasy stories will take you on a journey to a time and place you will not forget. (Nov., 140 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley