Image of Parallel Desire (Midnight Warriors, Book 4)


Image of Parallel Desire (Midnight Warriors, Book 4)

Evolving timelines keep Knight's characters and plotlines intriguing and make readers pay attention to present and past details. In this chapter of her riveting Midnight Warriors series, threads of time and fate ravel and unravel, leaving the protagonists in turmoil.

A desperate attempt to change the future succeeded but left one man with two physical bodies. Half-Antousian Scott Dillon exists as his younger self in the present, married to his beloved Hope. He also exists as Jake Tierny from the future, where Hope was murdered. Stuck in the past, Jake must somehow forge a new life for himself. Refarian medic Shelby Tyler knows both versions of Scott/Jake and is determined to help Jake. But things turn ominous when a new Antousian plot is uncovered. Can Jake, Shelby and their king stop events before they take a dire turn? (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Dec., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith