In Knight's previous novel, royal guardian Marco McKinley's time traveling set off a chain of events that are still rippling through this timeline. Utilizing the idea of alternate and parallel timelines, Knight puts her heroes and heroines through an emotional gambit --
with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance. Knight's unique perspective and
clever plotting make this story and this series something to savor!

From birth Madjin Marco McKinley has been destined to be the royal protector of the exiled Refarian king and queen. But when unfortunate circumstances lead Marco to betray his king, he makes a desperate attempt to fix the past.

Current-day Marco is unaware of what the future might hold, but already things have changed, because he meets the King's sexy cousin, Thea Haven, much earlier than before. As soldiers, Thea and Marco are ready to put their lives on the line, but their hearts are also in danger. Much stands between Marco and Thea, including an imminent invasion of Earth by their deadliest enemies. Has Marco successfully changed this timeline to prevent disaster, or has he only made it worse? (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Oct., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith