Image of Parasite (Parasitology)


Image of Parasite (Parasitology)

Parasite has an imaginative premise, with lots of compelling potential “aha” moments related to the science behind the story. The fascinating interpersonal relationships between those infected and those not infected by parasites really drives the story forward. It is not often that a plot twist catches this reviewer out so easily, but Grant puts one in here that will throw readers off balance. While Newsflesh series fans will no doubt eat this story up, Grant is definitely exploring new territory and new challenges with this set of characters and books. It will definitely be worth readers’ while to invest in this new series.

SymboGen Corporation changed the way human health care is managed, with more than a decade of successful results in hand. Its genetically adapted tapeworms have helped eradicate many of the illnesses that have plagued humanity, and the general population has never been healthier. A tapeworm even saved the life of Sally, a girl in a coma whose recovery was due solely to her tapeworm, and who became a poster child for the effectiveness of implantation. But Sally doesn’t feel quite the same; her life is surreal and there are holes in her memory. When she looks for answers, she finds much more than she bargained for. (ORBIT, Nov., 512 pp., $20.00)

Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs