From the fresh perspective of heroine Lila, the Pariah series second further illustrates the social struggles of the vitros, who — with the exception of their superhuman intelligence — are normal teenagers that have been thrust into the center of a major social conflict. Dystopian and YA fans will love both the story and bleak but beautiful art of the Pariah series. But to get the appropriate background for this story, readers will want to start with issue one.

The second issue of Pariah introduces readers to genetically engineered teenager, Lila Ellerman. She is a vitro who works at the Marinus Lab as a scientist, and is framed for developing the bio-terrorist virus that is threatening the nation. After the virus leaks, Lila and her Marinus co-workers (all fellow vitros) escape into the woods nearby. There, Lila must figure out how to balance her leading the group and her budding romance. But when the mysterious vitro Franklin Hyde appears and warns Lila that in five minutes a black-ops team will raid her camp, can Lila lead an escape? (SEA LION BOOKS, August 2011, dl., $3.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Janine Johnston