It may take readers a while to become comfortable with the secondary point of view the author presents in this novel, however, the effort is worth it. Catherine is a unique character that does not fall into any stereotype. Closed off to others, the only way readers are able to get to know this complex character is through flashbacks to her childhood that are seamlessly woven into the story. Clever turns of phrase and several interesting mysteries make this story a fast, intriguing read.

Young and ambitious, Catherine Monsigny, works for a large Parisian law firm, but also donates her time to Rights for All, an organization that defends undocumented immigrants. Her pro bono work takes her to rural France where she tries her first felony case. Catherine finds herself in over her head as she battles a reluctant client, small town prejudices and her own inexperience. So when a mystery from her past intersects with her current case, Catherine is unprepared to deal with the ramifications which hit far too close to home. (LE FRENCH BOOK, Jul, dl., $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne