Mistaken identity, attraction and a stalker force complications between a woman determined not to repeat her family’s mistakes and the man she believes responsible for at least one of those mistakes. Ann Bruce’s characters are stubborn and independent and pull together an entertaining story.

When Parker Quinn meets Dean Maxwell, she goes from being grateful to him for running off her persistent ex to being disgusted that she was ever nice to him when she realizes that Dean is the man who betrayed her sister. But Dean is not the man that Parker thinks he is and to prove it, he will use any means necessary to get Parker to himself. But while on a date, someone else is taking a not-so-romantic interest in Parker. As her stalker begins to up the ante, Parker and Dean find themselves tested again and again. (CARINA PRESS, dl. June, $4.99) *Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper