Emilie Richards gives readers another peek at the Donaghue sisters introduced in Whiskey Island. Time has passed, and Megan Donaghue has finally agreed to marry Niccolo Andreani. Their unconventional reception is capped off with a tornado that demolishes the Whiskey Island Saloon. In the chaos, Nick discovers a miracle that just might change their lives.

Peggy Donaghue is going to Ireland to stay with a long-lost relative who has asked for her assistance in uncovering a generations-old mystery. Peggy believes the two women can help each other and that getting away might be the best thing for her young autistic son. In Ireland, she meets a scarred man named Finn, whom Peggy vows she'll get to rejoin life—especially hers.

In this masterful blend of past and present, which draws you deeply into both eras, Richards shines. This is a story that will have a hold on your heart long after you've put it down. (Jul., 464 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson