This well-crafted short futuristic novel has all the elements for success: handsome synthetically created male meets dust-covered synth female and is immediately attracted. Alas, he believes she’s a woman, setting up a fun and entertaining plot. Things get real steamy for these former pleasure slaves, and readers will enjoy their antics.

Although days of drudgery looking for ore on an asteroid might not be pleasing to most, it’s been Reyna’s dream for years. The synth staked her claim once she obtained her freedom and finally struck ore. Then Steel arrives. Although she feels an attraction unlike any she’s known since her days as a pleasure slave, she hopes the backbreaking work will keep him away from her claim. Steel hides his status as synth because he doesn’t want to scare away the first woman he’s ever had feelings for. Just when their hard work begins to pay off and their feelings unite, an unseen force threatens everything. (EREDSAGE.COM, dl $3.50)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown