Image of Partners in Crime


Image of Partners in Crime

The dynamic duo of Downey Greene has penned a novel that is so hot it will singe one’s fingers. Their clever ideas meld together all too well, and readers will find the plot so captivating that they’ll be glued to their seats for the entire length of the novel. It’s filthy, engrossing and will please fans of romantic suspense and erotic romance alike. The leading lady is a badass and will quickly become a favorite amongst readers. This debut should definitely be on your TBR list!

Detective Faye Kane has one too many shots of tequila at the local bar after being burned yet again by her beau and has a one-night stand with a gorgeous man. The next day she brushes off her hangover and tries to focus on her cop duties, which include attempting to nab Martino “Millie” Maliano, a shady mayoral hopeful. Ian “Griff” McManus is Millie’s right-hand man and dizzy with curiosity about the woman who left her clothes in his truck after a tryst. Just when he thinks he may never see her again, Millie orders Griff to seek Faye out and keep her hushed. Griff should know better than to dabble with cops, but Faye intrigues him to no end. Now, she must keep her mind out of the gutter and away from all things relating to love and get her job done. (STACCATO, Apr., 270 pp., $16.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi