PARTNERS IN NECESSITY (2), a trilogy by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller begins the fantastical Linden Universe. Fleeing a painful past, Pricilla Mendoza pursues an arduous flight career. A shocking attack ultimately lands her under the protection and mentorship of the enigmatic captain Shan yosGalan. Together they struggle to come to terms with their Conflict of Honor.

Mercenary-for-hire Miri Robertson and Val Con, scout-turned-spy, team up to escape common enemies and discover their true hearts in Agent of Change.

Carpe Diem concludes the trilogy in a great final battle. This story reflects a vivid imagination and obvious talent among the authors, but the external plot overshadows internal conflicts and relationship developments. The continual introduction of new characters, and multiple names for each detracted from the continuity of the plot.

Reviewed by: 
April Redmon