The last time Jolie heard from her boyfriend Gary was the same day her car was stolen. After she files a missing-persons report with the police, Gary's car is found in the river with a woman's body decomposing in it. Now Gary is suspected of the murder—and Jolie is believed to have been his accomplice.

Jolie's search for Gary points toward upper-class circles. Through her holiday job in the show department of Neiman Marcus she befriends fashionista Carlotta, who helps her crash some very ritzy parties, all in an attempt to discover Gary's whereabouts.

The party crashers aren't all business and no fun, especially when Jolie meets wealthy Bret Underwood of Underwood Broadcasting. Underwood is attracted to this woman whom he meets in the oddest disguises. But who is Jolie and what is she really after? Now, because of her snooping, it appears she is in danger.

Suspense, mystery and some humor successfully blend in this intriguing romance. Although Jolie is the main focus, Bret's involvement is nicely interpolated into her life, and her friends add an entertaining bit of color. The mystery is not easily solved and steadily draws the reader in. (May, 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley