After discovering her husband in a very compromising position with his law clerk, novelist Zoey McGuire retreats to New York City with her college friends to escape, breathe, heal and try to work through her writer's block to complete her next manuscript. She sublets her editor's posh apartment and begins to reconnect with old friends…

These are: Mouse, an aspiring singer/actress/bartender searching for the right career and man; Merlin, a concierge on the verge of commitment to the man he loves; and Jade, a house-hunter who shudders at the word "monogamy." Together, the four friends help each other through the roadblocks that life has in store for them. What follows is an invigorating story, filled with dynamic, appealing characters who have depths that not even they could have foreseen. Highly recommended, PARTY GIRLS is a thoroughly satisfying read. (Jul., 384 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Carey Applegate