Image of Passion's Exile


Image of Passion's Exile

As Kira Morgan and Sarah McKerrigan, Campbell has enchanted readers. Now, she brings that same sense of adventure and romance to a wonderfully fast-paced, suspenseful, character-driven romance set in the world of the ordinary medieval man and woman. Campbell is a true bard.

After discovering her betrothed’s betrayal, Rosamund of Averleigh flees, hoping to become a nun at the convent at St. Andrews. Swordsman Pierce of Mirkhaugh is living in self-exile as the mercenary Blade. Sent to find a pair of assassins, Blade joins a band on a pilgrimage to St. Andrews. Rose and her falcon, Wink, draw Blade out of his isolation. He is lulled by Rose’s inner strength and falls in love. As Blade and Rose fight off outlaws, kidnappers and murderers, their passion ignites. (GLYNNIS.NET, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin