Escaping an unwanted marriage, Lady Dynna flees to her parents' keep. She is captured by marauding Vikings led by the infamous Black Hawk. Yet, the gods are not in Black Hawk's favor as he is betrayed, captured, beaten and left to die.

Dynna is rescued by her betrothed, Edmund, who plans to force her to wed, little knowing that the man he has taken as prisoner, Brage, is really Black Hawk. When his identity is revealed, Edmund hopes to ransom Brage and sends for Dynna to nurse the captive.

Dynna's desires are aroused as she nurses the virile Viking, while Brage in turn finds himself attracted to the lovely Saxon healer. But he is determined to escape and Dynna offers him a bargain; in exchange for his freedom he will help her return to her family.

Their closeness during the journey brings their passions to the fore. But once Dynna is home, Edmund invades and coerces Dynna into betraying Brage. Once more Brage is imprisoned, but this time when he breaks free he takes Dynna as his slave. Only her selfless sacrifice to save Brage's life convinces the mighty warrior of her love.

PASSION, Bobbi Smith's first medieval romance, is a well crafted, fast-paced, exciting captive/captor tale that resonates with the sights and sounds of the era. A "keeper" to be savored. SENSUAL (Oct., 440 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager