The cover of this mesmerizing novel reads "Enter the world of THE PASSION," and enter a world you do: one where the finest minds of the century are not human, but members of a far superior, far older and more powerful race. Journey with Donna Boyd to an unusual, mystical and charismatic realm...that of the werewolf.

The tale begins with the grizzly massacre of three loups garoux (werewolves) at Alexander Devoncroix's townhouse in present day New York, then moves to 19th-century Paris.

Tessa LeGuerre has waited 10 years to kill Alexander, who she holds responsible for her father's death. Little does she know that she opens a Pandora's box when her attempt fails. Dazzled by his strange beauty and feral sensuality, Tessa is filled with remorse.

Alexander loved her father, his best friend, and now cherishes his daughter. He guards her as best he can, until Tessa becomes entangled with his brother Denis. Tessa's fascination with the species draws her into a realm where the line between loup garou and human is crossed with disastrous results.

Rich in its lush prose, THE PASSION will hold you spellbound. It draws you into the world of enthralling beauty and sensuality that borders on the erotic. Even as the savage side of the beast is revealed you will be unable to turn away, caught up in Ms.Boyd's carefully spun web of ambition, treachery, savagery and unbelievable passion. (Apr., 400 pp., $15.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin