Is it a sin for a recently widowed preacher to be consumed with passion? The Reverend Jourdan Watters knows hes in trouble when he meets Passion Adams, a beautiful woman with an ugly past.

Besides her checkered past, Passion is carrying a secret, and for this reason she goes to visit Jourdan shortly after the murder of his first wife. Passion falls in love with Jourdan at first sight. She attends his church regularly and even makes a friend there. She desperately wants to be a part of Jourdans life and to let go of her past, but she is afraid that Jourdan will not be able to accept the girl she once wasor the woman she has become.

Still mourning his wifes death, Jourdan will not rest until her killer is brought to justice. Passion offers him a glimpse of a world he has never seen. Jourdan learns the truth of Passions past and watches as his flock reacts to having a sinner in their midst. His newfound feelings for Passion leave him feeling guilty. Knowing that people from her past may be responsible for his wifes death doesnt help.

As Jourdan opens himself up to loving Passion, he must learn lessons of faith, hope and love. Slowly but surely, God reveals that the greatest of these lessons is definitely love.

T.T. Henderson is a master storyteller. The title of this book merely hints at the love and passions between the covers. (Feb., 255 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Chandra Y. Sparks