Nicholas Sabin is fated to hang for murder and piracy. Before the horrendous deed can be accomplished, he proposes marriage to Aurora Demoning, if she agrees to be his sisters guardian.

Though Nicholas isnt a man she would choose for a husband, his proposal would mean freedom and independence from her tyrannical father, so she accepts his proposal.

Newly widowed, and at times grieving for Nicholas and the one night of passion they shared, Aurora returns to London with his sister Raven, and lives a quiet life until Nicholas, disguised as his cousin, returns from the dead to reclaim his wife.

THE PASSION is a marvelously seductive, passionate and a tad erotic tale that enthralls the reader with a unique style and well-drawn charactersa man who loves danger and a woman afraid to follow her heart. SPICY (Nov., 367 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond