Image of Passion


Image of Passion
Though her name is Passion, she is a lady of quality, a woman of impeccable behavior—until she looks across the Crystal Palace exhibition hall into his eyes. One look, one whisper of "I have what you need,6" and there's no retreat, only the lure to taste the forbidden. Behind the scenes they make love day after day.

Mark needs to get what Passion Elizabeth Dare Reddington has to give before he is forced to marry his mother's friend's daughter as part of a blackmail plot. He thinks he'll never see her again, that this is just a marvelous, titillating, illicit affair. How wrong he is—Passion is his betrothed's widowed cousin.

It's quite a fix they're in, and how Mark pursues his pleasure and his passion is as irresistible to readers as it is to Passion. Valdez lets you indulge in a bit of sizzling fantasy that leaves you sighing with pleasure. Like Susan Johnson, she mixes history, colorful details and a strong plot with a large dose of sensuality. Savor the satisfaction of a little Passion. VERY SENSUAL (Jul., 336 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin