Image of Passion: A Novel of the Romantic Poets


Image of Passion: A Novel of the Romantic Poets
During the era of war and political turbulence three poets blossomed: Shelley, Keats and Byron. Their friendship, strong personalities and tragedies are brought to the fore through the eyes of the women who knew them best.

Mary Shelley, known for her own creation, Frankenstein, knew what it was to love one man and to be drawn into the chaotic world created by Percy Shelley and his best friends.

Lady Caroline Lamb, Byron's beloved, might perhaps be a bit mad, bad and difficult to know. Fanny Brawne, the least well known of all the women, was Keats' lover. Lastly, there is Byron's half-sister, Augusta Leigh, whose passions led in other directions.

Perhaps the first bohemians, the Beats or hippies of Regency England, these four women and three men cut a swath through their times, and Morgan depicts their lives with boundless energy, imagination and excitement. This book will engross readers in their lives and help them gain a better understanding and knowledge of these romantic poets and human beings. (Nov., 536 pp., $24.95)
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Kathe Robin