Image of Passion for the Game (Georgian, Book 2)


Image of Passion for the Game (Georgian, Book 2)

Day pulls out all the stops, juggling sizzling romance with high suspense and intrigue. The tangled threads of her plot are intricately woven with strands of in-depth characterization. Not only does Day titillate readers, she grabs them with
a strong story and doesn't let go.

Maria, Lady Winter, uses her wits, wiles and sexuality against her scheming stepfather when she's a pawn in his games. His latest scheme involves her seducing Christopher St. John, a pirate and scapegrace. She must expose him as a traitor or prove his innocence.

Released from prison under the proviso that he uncover the sultry, wintery widow's secrets, Christopher becomes more fascinated with Maria than is safe. As they play out their cat-and-mouse game she wonders if he is the key to finding out where her stepfather has hidden her sister.

Kindred souls and unlikely lovers, Maria and Christopher move from ballroom to bedroom, brothels to the seaside, to a moment when they must choose between responsibility and passion. (Brava, Jun., 380 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin