Image of Passion to Protect


Image of Passion to Protect
PASSION TO PROTECT (4) by Colleen Thompson: When Liane Mason suspects something’s gone wrong with the camping trip her father took with her two children, she goes into the woods in search of them. Jake, her neighbor and a former wilderness firefighter, follows his instinct and goes into the woods after her. Liane and Jake used to date back in high school, and there’s lingering tension between them. When they are caught in a bizarre and dangerous plot, which includes the kidnapping of her children by her ex-convict ex- husband, Jake and Liane discover that their love for each other hasn’t gone away. This is a tender tale about two emotionally wounded people who unexpectedly help each other heal. Strong writing, genuine characters and a good dose of suspense and action make this a good read.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates