After attending her great-grandmother's funeral, Sienna Russell finds herself on the run with a handsome, enigmatic stranger named Hawk in a desperate bid to save her kidnapped partner, clear herself of attempted murder charges and solve the ancient riddle of the Stonekeeper.

Just like the dark, potent whiskey he's named after, Hennessy "Hawk" Jackson invades Sienna's world with a burning impact that will sear them for life. Because of his vast knowledge of hieroglyphics, ancient artifacts and the martial arts, Sienna accepts Hawk's offer to accompany her as her "protection."

After years of research, Hawk finally sees his life's work coming to fruition, but he never imagined that the legend of the Stonekeeper would lead him to a woman as brave, sassy and sexy as Sienna. Wanting to protect her, but needing her for his own dark purpose, Hawk has to choose between love or survival-between having Sienna or never being free from the dark pit of his soul.

Set in the fantasy paradise of Martinique, THE PASSION RUBY plunges headlong into heartstopping adventure, the mysterious lure of ancient secrets and the powerful intensity of a love that will change the flow of the universe. Ms. Snoe has written a riveting novel that will launch her into the realm of romantic fiction in a way that many strive for but few attain. I wouldn't have missed this ride for the world! (Nov., 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson