Bernard creates a classic love story that is tenderly written and beautifully crafted. The well-painted backdrop of class distinctions, her strong characters and the tenderness of the romance will touch readers on many levels.

After months in an Indian prison, jaded gentleman artist Josiah Hastings finds the grayness of London matches his spirit, for his eyesight is weakened. When he rescues seamstress Eleanor Beckett from an attacker, he realizes he has found his muse.

Reduced to slaving for a brutal mistress, Eleanor is stunned when Josiah offers her a position as his model. It is a scandalous proposal, but Eleanor cannot refuse. Living in Josiah’s home, seeing the wonderful and talented man he is, she easily falls in love. Josiah sees Eleanor as his inspiration to create his final masterpiece, but he will not hold her to him. He believes that by giving her freedom he will give her what she wants — when all she wants is him. As Eleanor strives to prove her love Josiah must come to grips with his real desire. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Mar., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin