By the Kings decree, Gavin of Wroxley must give one of his daughters in marriage to Dain of Penruan to settle a feud of old. Convincing her father to send her instead of her seven-year-old sister, Emma of Wroxley packs up her old life and embarks upon her destiny.

Arriving in Cornwall, Emma faces her husbands cold disdain and hostility with amazing strength and determination. She recognizes Dain as her lifemate and is determined to win his love; however, she must first win his trustsomething that may well prove impossible when he discovers she is a sorceress.

Dain is convinced there is an ulterior motive to Gavins change of plan. Instilled by his bitter mother, his distrust of his brides family runs deep.

Though Dain tries to hold fast to the life-long feelings, he finds he cannot deny his heart and the happiness Emma brings to his once dreary and sad life.

Despite her mother-in-laws objections, Emma practices healing arts and tries to make the castle her home and win the love of its lord. With the aid of the village healer, and the mysterious lady in white who haunts the moors and sea caves, Emma soon unravels secrets of old and sets to right the wrongs of the past.

Flora Speer gifts readers with a tale that shimmers with magic, enchants with ancient lore and melts the heart with a love that defies the evils of the human soul. A delightful cast of characters, and the evil mother-in-law from Hell, combined with engaging plot twists and a wonderful ending will have readers wishing for more of this enchanting tale. SENSUAL (May, 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor