Image of Passionate Pleasures (Pleasures Series)


Image of Passionate Pleasures (Pleasures Series)

Small delivers a marvelously sexy story that delves into women’s erotic fantasies with a delightful approach that’s smart, sassy and definitely sizzling. But what Small does best is add a hint of humor, a touch of whimsy (with Lucifer Nicholas himself) and best of all, a great love story that just happens to be filled with erotic love scenes.

Kathryn St. John is a typical small-town librarian with a scandal-free life — except for her secret. She subscribes to the Channel, a women-only cable network that allows viewers to fulfill their sexual fantasies. For Kathryn it’s literary heroes, like all three Musketeers, who are her lovers. She immerses herself in work and the Channel until Egret Point’s new middle-school principal Timothy Blair, stops in the library. Tim is overwhelmingly attracted to Kathryn and though he’s a few years younger, he wants to pleasure her every way he can imagine. Kathryn’s unwilling to give up the Channel and control of her fantasies, but Tim convinces her to go on a date, which leads to another, and finally to bed. Kathryn discovers making love to a real man is better than most fantasies, even if her brother disapproves and the town gossips. Kathryn learns that the combination of sex and love is the best of all. (NAL, Aug., 304 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin