While on a horse-buying trip to England, Miles Wellsley travels to Pembroke House to view breeding stock. Though the owners parade their tittering twin daughters before Miles as possible brides, he is far more intrigued by their older sister. Headstrong, opinionated, Victoria presents the kind of challenge a Wellsley thrives on.

The only horse Miles is interested in purchasing is Victoria's pride and joy, King's Ransom. Victoria refuses to part with him, forcing her stepmother and Miles' grandmother to conspire to make a match between them.

Both Miles and Victoria loathe the idea of a forced courtship and arranged marriage. Miles is taken with Victoria and his persistence loosens some of her inhibitions, making them fodder for the gossipmongers as they are caught in a compromising position.

However, Victoria's fear of intimacy, an old suitor's vengeance, King's Ransom's kidnapping and their pride plunge Victoria and Miles into danger and the passion of a lifetime.

Ms. Kidder has written another perfectly delightful, humorous Wellsley brother adventure. Make room for PASSION'S KISS on your "special" shelf! SENSUAL (May, 381 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor