Like cream, Heath rises to the top, creating wonderfully touching, highly romantic, unforgettable stories that readers adore. She puts the joy of falling in love in every book and this one is no exception. It contains realistic characters, including a marvelous dog and a meddling artist; intense emotions; several romances and even a bit of suspense. It’s everything a reader could desire.

Morgan Lyons, the Earl of Westcliffe, cannot forgive his 17-year-old bride for seeking solace in his brother’s arms on their wedding night. He exiles her to his estate and proceeds to bed every woman in London. Claire was a frightened child when she wed and turned to her best friend for comfort. She stays in the country for three years rebuilding Westcliffe’s estate, but when her sister needs a season to find a husband she swallows her pride and fear to ask for Westcliffe’s help. Now a woman, she wants her husband. Westcliffe has a mistress he wishes to wed, but his wife is making tentative steps toward reconciliation and enticing him to forget everything. While their relationship blossoms, another strives to tear them apart, making it difficult for Westcliffe to trust the woman who betrayed him. (AVON, Nov., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin